Niva Group | Building Across The Globe
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Niva is a diversified group of companies providing governments and private sectors with solutions focused on healthcare, manufacturing and global trading.

Global Strategy

Global Approach

Global Connection

Global Market


Profound changes in healthcare are all around us.  Niva group works with governments and private companies across the globe. Our projects vary from setting up manufacturing plants to providing basic healthcare supplies & providing healthcare technology solutions that offer affordable care to patients and automated administration aspects for healthcare institutes. Niva group currently has presence in India, Srilanka and USA.


Niva group companies help governments, private sector implement their strategy by finding ways to improve operational performance across complex value chains and partnerships needed to make this happen. This process includes assessing manufacturing capacity, product evaluation and market research, where products are made, opportunities for outsourcing, distribution network planning, manufacturing plant locations and their supporting supply base, automation with advanced manufacturing technologies.


More than 60% of the world’s purchasing power lies outside of U.S.A. Niva group is in constant exploration of products that can benefit and grow our customer base. Niva group focuses on private labeling and we specialize in introducing eco-friendly brands to worldwide customers.

At Niva, we uncover the opportunities others may miss. Our leadership team has deep global management experience. Our culture promotes innovation and entrepreneurial drive within a strong risk management framework.

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